What are flavour drops?

Flavour drops are concentrated flavourings that are meant to be added to food or beverages. We only carry premium imported flavourings that are highly concentrated and you only need several drops to achieve the desired effect. A small 10ml bottle should last you a decent while. As a guide, 1ml will give you approximately 35 drops. 

Why buy from us?

We order direct from the manufacturer, removing any risks of possible dilution that can happen with 3rd party resellers. You get the same stuff direct from their factory!

When will my order arrive?

UPDATED NOTE: Temporarily we have suspended Singpost PolyM untracked mailing option in favor of tracked Smartpac service during this COVID circuit breaker. Do note that timings are still delayed across the board. ETA is around 3-6 working days.

We endeavour to process all paid orders by the next 2 working days. Processing times may be longer on festive and peak periods of the year. Once shipped, Singpost Smartpac typically delivers by the second working day to your mailbox. Tracking info is available for you to monitor the shipping progress.

For budget conscious customers, we have added the Singpost PolyM service which will arrive within 3-5 working days. This postage mode is not registered and therefore has no tracking number. Do note that due to the lack of tracking, we are not responsible for any mail complications that may arise for the PolyM postage method. 

Why can't you sell the original 13ml packaging?

It is extremely expensive to ship liquids across continents due to possible complications (flash point etc). Hence, these manufacturers only use premium courier services (FedEx, DHL etc) which make up a large percentage of the costs. To maintain our low prices, we buy larger sizes and rebottle them to smaller quantities perfect for your use.

What bottles do you use?

We use custom made PET bottles with nozzle tips to ensure ease of application. PET is a strong gas barrier (unlike LDPE and HDPE) and is perfect for storing flavourings that have aromatic compounds (smell is a large factor contributing to taste) due to low dissipation. Our bottles are a perfect size to toss into your bag or pocket to carry around.

What do these flavour concentrates contain?

Flavour concentrates contain aromatic compounds usually suspended in propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a very common flavour diluent (used by Phoon Huat, Bake King flavours etc) and are FDA approved for use in food products. They do not contain any animal ingredients, caffeine or gluten and are vegan friendly. Capella flavours are suspended in Propylene Glycol, with the exception of Super Sweet Sucralose which is suspended in water.

Other non-flavouring ingredients do exist. Triacetin is used to reduce harsh top notes and Ethanol is usually used in small amounts to make components like citrus oils water soluble. Vegetable glycerine is a natural sweetener and also acts as a diluent. We state these ingredients on the product page. 

Muslim customers looking for information on Halal matters, please see our store Facebook post or MUIS Fatwa for more information.

How should I store the flavours?

Store them in a cool and dark place to minimise any heat or light based degradation. Refrigeration is unnecessary and some flavour types may crystallise (eg menthol) when kept in low temperatures.

What is the shelf life of flavours?

These flavour concentrates can easily last for a year. With proper storage, you can extend the shelf life further. We balance our quantities and order frequencies to ensure that our flavours do not stay on the shelf for long.

Will you be offering larger quantities?

For the moment, we feel that 10ml sizes are perfect for consumer use within the recommended shelf time. We recently added a 30ml option for buyers who require more. If you're a business looking to incorporate our flavours, please drop us an email for larger lot enquiries.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of the flavourings being classified as a food item, we do not accept returns. You can clarify any doubts with us via email before you place your order. We are always happy to help.

I am interested in a certain flavour not on your site. Can you bring it in?

Some flavours are not able to be shipped internationally due to flash point issues. Capella for instance has segregated safe to ship flavours to their international site. We are always looking to add more flavours to our lineups. Please send us an email if you have any particular flavours in mind.

Will you be adding new flavour manufacturers in the future?

We are always looking out for new flavour manufacturers to add to our line-up. However, the process isn't straightforward as we have to balance the high shipping costs and quantities to ensure that we arrive at an affordable price for our buyers. If you have any specific vendors you are interested in, please do send us an email.

I am a business owner with the intention of incorporating your flavour concentrates. Do you have wholesale plans for business customers?

We do offer lower prices for larger and more frequent quantity orders. Please drop us an email with your requirements. We will be happy to discuss!

Will you ship internationally?

At the moment we don't ship direct internationally. We recommend looking at possibly forwarding services that will be able to accommodate international shipments at a reasonable price.