Saffron - Vegan friendly



*Pictures are for illustration purposes only. You will receive the flavour in a PET container with nozzle tip, rebottled from a larger lot direct from the manufacturer.

FlavourArt concentrates are often two or three times the strength of Capella and Flavour Apprentice counterparts.


The world's most expensive spice. Impart that unique aromatic scent common in many Asian cuisines. Add to your oil of choice for a saffron infused oil. Great for paella and briyani! Note that this does not contain any of the yellow colour of the actual spice, only the aroma and flavour.

FlavourArt flavour drops are concentrates made to enhance the flavors of food and beverages. Our savoury flavours are VEGAN and VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY and do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. They are oil soluble and can be applied to all cooking applications that involve any oil or fat content, protein and carbohydrates.

Stand out from the crowd with a great Italian take on flavours!

Jazz up your food and bakeries with these flavour drops. The possibilities are limitless.


Non-flavour ingredients: Propylene Glycol (Water soluble)

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