Tart and Sour

Flavor Apprentice


*Pictures are for illustration purposes only. You will receive the flavour in a PET container with nozzle tip, rebottled from a larger lot direct from the manufacturer.

Note: This flavour contains Ethanol. Please see our FAQ for details.


Make Your Fruit Flavors Pop! This flavor enhancer is a mix of natural Citric acid and Malic acid that can be used as an additive to impart a sour zing to your candies, bakeries and drinks. Designed to be used in conjunction with other flavors.

Flavor Apprentice is a crowd favourite in America, used in bakeries, candy, soda and other food products throughout the country.

Jazz up your food, beverages and bakeries with flavour drops. The possibilities are limitless.


Non-flavour ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Ethanol

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