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FlavourArt Restock and New flavours! New pricing too!

Great news for FlavourArt fans! We have restocked and added 8 new flavours. Happy to also announce some cost reductions after optimising our shipping process from Italy. Price changes to our FlavourArt offering!

10ml sizes now start from $7.50 (previously $9) and 30ml sizes are available! We will continue to pass on cost savings to our loyal fans.

Stocks are limited so hurry and get your flavours before they run out!

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Important Notice! Service disruption on the 29th Aug to 9th Sept.

There will be a small disruption in business from 29th Aug to 9th Sept as our representative will be away for reservist! Do take note if you're placing orders on and around the period. Self collection will not be available and mailing services will only be processed on weekends.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please don't hesitate to email us if you need any special arrangements during this period.

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Flavor Apprentice Restock. New flavours added!

Flavor Apprentice Restock. New flavours added!

Restock and new Flavor Apprentice Flavours! We have added 13 new flavours to our lineup.

Bavarian Cream
Blueberry (Wild)
Blueberry Candy
Cheesecake (Graham Crust)
Double Chocolate (Clear)
Graham Cracker (Clear)
Honeydew (II)
Peach (Juicy)
Philippine Mango
Raspberry (Sweet)
Rootbeer Float
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Check them out at our website.

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Price drop and 38 new Flavor West flavours

Thanks to our loyal customers, we are now able to offer Flavor West flavours at lower prices. As we progress, I will look to pass on cost savings to you. We are very thankful for the support.

10ml sizes now $5 (from $6)
30ml sizes now $13.50 (from $16)

As always, larger sizes are available on a pre-order basis. Do contact us for more info.

37 new Flavor West flavors:
Yellow Cake
Banana Nut Bread
Blood Orange
Cafe Coffee
Cinnamon Churro
Fruity Flakes
Ginger Ale
Orange Creamsicle
Pink Champagne
Rice Krispies
White Chocolate
Green Apple
White Grape
Kahlua and Cream
Bavarian Cream
Sweet Cream
Toffee Ice-cream
Flavor Toner and Enhancer
Salted Caramel
Pineapple Peach

Thanks for your support!

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Capella restocking questions and two new Flavor West flavours

Received lots of questions on when I will be restocking my Capella flavours. At the moment, the manufacturer is trying their best to clear the large large volume of orders. The holidays just passed in the states and response times are a little delayed. Rest assured I will be trying my best to restock as soon as i can.

In the meantime, Banana and Cinnamon Roll from Flavor West has been added to our inventory!

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